Working with Vim Wiki Pages

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These commands are helpful for working with the pages in your wiki.

Working with Pages:

To create a new page, use <Leader>wn from inside your wiki (you have to navigate to your wiki first). You’ll be prompted for the file’s path and can then create and navigate to your new page.

If you decide to delete the page, you can use <Leader>wd. Or if you need to rename it, <Leader>wr.

Command Description
<Leader>wn Create a new wiki page.
<Leader>wd Delete the current wiki page.
<Leader>wr Rename the current wiki page.

Working Within Pages

VimWiki also provides some helper commands for working with your wiki pages.

The = command will add a header level to your current heading (or add a heading level if there isn’t one already). The opposite would be -, which removes a heading level.

The other really common action you’ll need in your wiki is creating links. The VimWiki command for this is +, in normal mode, which will convert the current text into a link. Hitting <CR> will then navigate to that wiki page (creating it if it doesn’t already exist).

Working with HTML

One of the really cool things you can do with VimWiki is turn your wiki pages into HTML documents. VimWiki provides two commands for doing this:

Command Description
<Leader>wh Convert the current wiki page into HTML
<Leader>whh Convert the current wiki page into HTML AND open it in the browser

These two commands are just the start - VimWiki provides others for turning your document into a full website.

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