About me

I’m a software engineer, product manager, and former bootcamp instructor. I’m currently focused exclusively on web3/crypto, Solidity, and smart contract auditing.

I’m the Engineering Lead for Gitcoin’s Allo Protocol. Previously, I co-founded Cabin, a DAO building a decentralized city, and The Solidity Guild, a community of practice for smart contract engineers. I am also a contributor at El Cap.


A good way to learn about me is to read my writing.

I write on topics like management, productivity, and career advice, all generally through the lens of being a software engineer. I also write about programming, generally, and specifically about JavaScript, Python, and Solidity.

The following are some of my more popular articles and are good places to start:


This site functions as a Digital Garden or Slipbox, of sorts. You can navigate around the site kind of like Wikipedia, but I’m the only author. To get a high-level overview of all the site’s contents, check out the graph. I’ve also organized my writing by areas of interest. This site automatically maintains indices for every note and reference I add.


I will occasionally write small checks in to early stage start ups. But I prefer not invest and instead connect the right founders to El Cap.

For the past year, I’ve focused on web3 and crypto projects but I’m interested in anything that is taking frontier technologies (crypto, AI, quantum computing, nuclear energy, etc) to market in compelling ways.


I try to keep a pretty low profile. If you’d like to work together, please have a mutual contact introduce us. Otherwise, the best way to reach me is on Twitter or by email at zakk@hawthorne.io.