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Zachary Fleischmann

Zachary Fleischmann

Zakk Fleischmann is a software engineer and writer. In 2019, he founded Hawthorne Interactive, an agency specialized in building enterprise software for companies, startups, and government agencies

Sci Fi: Ender’s Game and Neuralink

Ender's Game introduces the concept of a monitor - a device attached to a person's neck that downloads all their thoughts and memories. Sounds a lot like Elon Musk's new project, Neuralink.

Blockchain Beyond Crypto: What Is a Permissioned Blockchain

With bitcoin in the news so much these days, a lot of people are asking about how useful it is. Bitcoin is a proving-problem for blockchain, which will likely see a lot of growth in the next decade.

shift and unshift: Learning JavaScript's Array Methods by Building Them

For the sixth article in this series, I explore shift and unshift. By exploring how to implement these yourself, you can learn a lot about how these array methods work.

shift and unshift: Learning JavaScript's Array Methods by Building Them

The Compounding Effect of Small Leaks

Settling the argument in the personal finance space around coffee and how it can be a microcosm for other aspects of your life.

pop and push: Learning Javascript's Array Methods by Building Them

I explore implementing pop and push in the fifth article of this series. Specifically, how can we add an item without using push or remove an item without using pop?

The Three C's of Leadership

What are the qualities every leader should possess? Jim Mattis' answer is competence, caring, and conviction.

Write Like Farnam Street

What does it take to be a great writer? To find out, let's look at some data.

Council of Mentors

Reflecting on an exercise I did as part of a men's group in college.

Managing Settings in a Large Django Project

Exploring three ways to manage Django's configuration settings when the your project gets large and complex.

filter: Learn JavaScript's Array Methods by Building Them

For the fourth article in the series, we explore the filter method and how we can use it to get just a subset of a large array.